Myth of Dracula might be real

Few could imagine the great Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula) as a little baby. But the facts are that he, at some point, was just an infant. A recent discovery in an undisclosed archaeological site near Bran Castle confirms the fact that the myth of Dracula might be real.

Dr. Făurel Ionescu and his colleagues from the Digging Institute in Baicoi, uncovered a mysterious relic linking this controversial historical figure to Bran Castle. In a crypt that apparently seemed just a place of worship, the two scientists discovered what could only be Dracula’s milk teeth.

Vampire teeth

First, we believed the teeth were of animal origin, but then we studied the DNA in the enamel and realised that in fact they were somehow human, says Dr. Făurel. After Carbon dating it appears that they match the time period of Dracula’s rule. We concluded they are Dracula’s milk teeth.
More than this, during that particular night, when we found them, the sky darkened and wolves howled.

This could be just a coincidence, but we may never know as sources from the site called hours after our interview and told us a mysterious woman in black came and took Dracula’s baby teeth, leaving a coin in their place. We believe she was the Vampire Tooth Fairy.

Old coin left by Vampire Tooth Fairy

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