We cannot control the weather and nor fear it. We rarely cancel a tour because of weather. There are instances where we will adapt the tour, but we shall not cancel a tour due to weather. Usually we discuss it with the group and offer options.

Of course! You may explore our areas of expertise and if you like something but want it a little different, please contact us at contact@romanianstory.com

You can use the form or you can contact us via email at contact@romanianstory.com

We use English as the main language - the guides are proficient in this language, even if they may know other languages.  

You may pay by using your credit card or pay pall account.

A booking is considered valid after a 30% payment. You may cancel your booking, free of cost, up to 30 days before the first day of travel. For any questions, please contact us via email at contact@romanianstory.com

We believe that you may have a better experience if you do not worry about money in your travel, so our tours cover almost all the expenses. Please check the information provided on each individual tours for more details. We do not cover flight, insurance or photo fees.