Our Mission

For the last decade we wondered through Romania and through Europe and always returned home with stories. Hence the name – Romanian Story. We went on citybreaks, we cycled, walked or drove, but always stopped to listen to anybody that had a tale to tell. At some point we were called professional travellers, which is why we started thinking to give others the opportunity to see Romania through our eyes.

We believe that every experience deserves a great story, so this is how Romanian Story was born.

Traditional Romanian costumes

The why

So, why Romanian Story? Simple! We like to give as much as we can from the culture of our people back to you, fellow traveller. We are proud to be Romanians. Both of us were born in old villages, with legends and myths that don’t include only Dracula and the communists. As kids we listened to fairy tales at the camp fire, we learned how to fish, how to love the nature and people.

This last few years we travelled, eager to learn more, to see more; but like every good story, if you do not share it, it looses its power. One thing that we learned is that even if we take pictures or make movies, we remember the emotions felt there. A country so full of stories is bound to be filled with emotions. We want travellers to smile, to have fun; we want them to feel what we feel, so that the story continues.

In Romania every stone has a meaning, every mountain a name, a legend; there are lakes, castles and even alleys having things to say. In this beautiful country, where the new and the old are so beautifully intertwined, we offer to you our experience in travelling.

As we grew up, we listened, as we travelled, we talked, now, we believe it is storytelling time. So lets experience together a great story to tell your friends. Come in! Experience Romanian Story!