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Hello! You have reached the Terms and conditions page. Please read with a keen eye all the information bellow regarding the use of this webpage. (www.romanianstory.com). Last update 13th of February, 2020.

Booking a tour must be confirmed by us before being considered booked.The confirmation will be received by email in maximum 7 working days but usually it takes 48 hours or less. In rare occasions we can’t confirm a booking because some parts of the selected tour aren’t available, we will reach you via email and suggest you other tours or dates.

General information

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Romanian Story is a registered trade mark of Alpha LEaP company (Galati city, ID code 35609791); the concept was introduced in 2019 and the purpose of the venture is to develop sustainable ecotourism in Romania by providing quality services to customers all over the world.

Ecotourism is a form of travel that takes the tourist to natural areas (including traditional cultural areas) without interfering with the natural way of things. The purpose is to experience the ecosystem without disturbing it. For this aspect, all the experiences we offer are limited to a small number of participants.

The main language of the website, contracts, bookings and guides is English. All other languages shall be charged extra.

Any contract or booking shall be acknowledge only by the agreement via email, post or written notice. Any other terms and conditions outside the contract will be considered null and void, all debates not included in the contract shall be governed by the Romanian law.

The main contributors to the concept of Romanian Story are Mihai and Tiby. For more information about the core team please access here.

These Terms and conditions may be updated without prior notice.

Romanian Story website

The website is propriety of Alpha LEaP company. It has 4 main areas: Blog, Our mission, Packages and Contact.

The Blog section is destined for information related to current activities of the team. It includes information related to tourism in Romania. It may serve as an inspiration for the tourist. If, at any point, you wish to create a personalised tour inspired by this sections, please feel free to contact us by filling the form here.

The Our mission page is destined to describe the purpose of the project. At this time the project is growing and evolving so this are will get additional information.

In the Packages page you may find information regarding experiences we have already an offer and a price offer. Please read carefully the information in each package. For any kind of questions regarding the packages we already offer please contact us via the form. The prices may vary slightly according to the time of year, the exchange rate and other factors outside of our control. The minimum party we may accommodate is 2. If there is a specific tours you wold like to book, that it is not in the offer please contact us via form and we shall make a personalised offer as soon as possible.

In this are there are also information regarding Popular destinations in Romania – some very well known, some less known but we belive they are at least as interesting as the others. In the Gallery you may find a few pictures and videos from Romania, to illustrate the beauty of the place. For more pictures, please follow our facebook page here.

The Contact us area contains information how you can contact the team. Also, here you may find information about the Team, a FAQ page (frequently asked questions – please look over this page to answer part of the questions that may arise) and the page with Privacy policy, regarding usage of cookies and personal data on the website, and the current Terms and conditions page.

Social media

Part of Romanian Story concept are also the Facebook page and the Instagram page. Please feel free to check them out and like them for easier access to articles, photos, offers and comments.

Our tour packages offer

  1. Standard private tours

We offer private tours to a limited number of people (small groups); we believe that a true ecotourist experience can only be achieved in small groups. Also, we are very keen on quality and the overall experience of both the tourist and the host (ex. craftsman, b&b host, cooks, etc).

There are a number of tours that we already offer. All the tours provide consistent information related to accommodation, transportation, food, activities and rest. We really want to offer all inclusive tours, that emerge the participant in the culture of the area, experiencing numerous kinds of activities.

In the tours offered in the packages we describe the activities. If, for any reason, you do not want to engage in a said activity, please notify us prior to drafting the contract.

The majority of tours can be provided year long, though some activities may vary (ex. riding a horse drawn sleigh, in summer, will be replaced with horse back riding or cycling). Also, we control the weather, to temperature may vary, even if we shall do our best to provide comfort to the client.

The transportation is don by private deluxe automobile; according to the group it may vary from car to minibus. All of which will have climate control and

  1. Personalised private tours

We also offer you the possibility to draft a specific tour, even if it is not included in the standard packages. These personalised/on request tours will take between 1 and 2 working weeks to provide information related to accommodation and activities.

The minimum number of participants is two (2). The maximum number is 8. We can provide support for groups larger than 8, but most of our tours will not fit larger groups.

Booking a tour

The first step in booking a tour is completing a booking request. However, this is not a confirmation of the booking. Booking a tour must be confirmed by us before being considered booked. The confirmation will be received by email in maximum 7 working days but usually it takes 48 hours or less. In rare occasions we can’t confirm a booking because some parts of the selected tour aren’t available, we will reach you via email and suggest you other tours or dates.

After the email confirmation we will draft a contract between Romanian Story and yourself. This contract will specify all the details of the tour.

In this step it is most important to specify special needs of the group (food preferences, allergies, personal challenges, medical conditions etc) that could influence the tour. We shall do our best to provide alternatives (where possible).


The prices ar per person, please select the number of participants you will have. We do not mix two or more groups in the same tour; we put a great emphasis on the experience of the individual and the group bonding.

Prices may vary slightly due to exchange rates, accommodation, etc.

Accommodation and food

The accommodation is always in 3 stars (or higher) establishments. Usually we seek intimate bed and breakfast, pension or guest houses, or private houses.

The offer of accommodation is for 2 people per room. Please provide information related to number of beds. For other accommodation plans the cost may be different.

Please take into consideration that traditional Romanian food is quite largely based on meat dishes. If for religions/belief/health/other reasons you cannot eat/see a specific type of food, please inform us in advance.

The menu shall be provided in advance, where possible.

We cover 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – we do not cover any other snacks or treats.